We’re Back!

Did you miss us?

Actually, we hadn’t really gone away, but we have been neglecting our blog over the past several months.We’ve just finished a yearlong event of epic proportions for two dear friends who turned 18 this year. It involved role-playing, secret agents, paranormal activity, and spy skills training, and it was a blast to orchestrate and execute.

It occurred to me that the way we ran the role-playing game is similar to how we run our self-defense and empowerment workshops. In both cases, we use real world situations, examples and locations and enhance or augment them with make-believe, imaginative scenarios and characters to create a learning environment that is both realistic and safe. Whether we’re teaching you how to avoid being the victim of an attack or how to gather clues at a supernatural crime scene, what we’re doing is providing an overlay to your reality to assist in the learning process.

The problem I’m running into these days is what to call it. The mobile telecomm industry is already using the terms “augmented reality” and “enhanced reality” to describe phone apps that know where you are and can provide you with the location, menu, reviews and price list for the nearest coffee shop and restaurant. I’m having a hard time coming up with a short answer to the question, “What do you do?”

We have a couple of interesting projects on the horizon which I’ll expand on in a later post. Briefly, we’re planning a huge costumed, role-playing pirate extravaganza that will take place in the fall of 2013 (think Labyrinth of Jareth meets Pirates of the Caribbean). We’re also working on getting our introductory self-defense course out as an e-book for those who aren’t able to get to one of our workshops or who would prefer to study at home. We’ve had some interest in making Bill’s Zombie Apocalypse Bug-Out Kit (a.k.a. disaster preparedness back pack) available for purchase and we’re hearing from a growing number of folks who are really interested in a Defense Against Paranormal Threats weekend that would include camping, disaster preparedness, vampire defense (sword fighting), werewolf defense (paintball or Airsoft target practice), and zombie defense (staff or club fighting).

We’ve missed all of you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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