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E-Book and Video Series update

I’ve been working on getting the classroom portion of our introductory course tuned up and reformatting for electronic readers (and as a downloadable PDF, for those who haven’t jumped onto the e-reader bandwagon yet). Our introductory course is divided into two parts – a “lecture” portion where we discuss self-defense and empowerment ideas, theories, female warrior role models and a “hands-on” portion where we demonstrate and practice specific self-defense techniques. While the lecture portion lends itself pretty easily to the e-book format, we’ve been toying with the idea of making a series of short videos demonstrating the self-defense techniques. I’m torn about that, though, because while being able to see us explain and demonstrate the moves on a video will certainly make it easier to understand , there really is no substitute for being in the workshop and receiving personalized, hands-on coaching and immediate feedback. Do you think it will take away from or cheapen the workshop experience to provide video demonstrations along with the e-book?

And on that note, if you know any great YouTube content creators who might be interested in helping us with that project, I’d love to hear from them. Feel free to put them in touch with me here in the comments, on our Facebook page or via email at StirTheEmbers at gmail dot com.